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Dharampatni Title Song – Lyrics of Dharampatni Title Song and Listen to Dharam Patni Music Video Title Track Online

Thursday, 6 October 2011

DharampatniDharampatni is a new TV serial on Imagine TV. It was premiered on 16th August, 2011. The serial is scheduled to air every Monday to Thursday at 9:30 PM in India on Imagine TV.

Dharampatni title song was revealed before the launch of the serial. Music of Dharampatni title track is quite fresh and poetic. Lyrics of Dharampatni title song open as “Piya Jo Tu Hai Diya…”

DJ’s A Creative Unit has introduced the concept of Dharampatni on Imagine TV. Raju Singh has composed background and theme music for the serial. Song of the series is composed by Udbhav. Lyrics of Dharampatni are penned by Ravi Chopra. It is directed by Waseem Sabir and produced by Deeya Singh, Tony G Singh, Sanket Vanzara and Kartik Ramalingam (DJ’s A Creative Unit and Endemol India Pvt. Ltd.).

Dharampatni on Imagine TV is based on the story of Kastur who is a simple and traditional Gujarati girl. She gets married to Mohan. He also belongs to her community. He agrees to marry her due to his personal problem. Mohan has no affection, love or respect for Kastur. Dharam Patni on Imagine TV is the journey of Kastur’s silent struggles, sacrifice and contributions for Mohan.

Lyrics of Dharampatni Title Song:

“Piya Jo Tu Hai Diya…

Main Toh Teri Bati…

Jal Jal Mar Jaun Re…

Piya Jo Hai Chandan…

Mai Toh Thari Lakadi…

Ghis Ghis Mit Jaun Re…”

Play Dharam Patni music video title track listening to full lyrics.

Dharam Patni Music Video Title Track:

You can play the music video of Dharam Patni title song online. Listen to Dharampatni title track music video online for “Piya Jo Tu Hai Diya…”

Dharampatni video title track credit goes to YouTube ndtvimagine.


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